The “Drink and Draw” is a weekly LCS event held Wednesday night at Zanzabar from 8pm to 11pm. It’s a casual gathering where artists can bring something that they are working on and share with the group, draw, or just have a bite to eat and talk comics. Neither drinking nor drawing is mandatory, but having a good time is a must!

Anyone can come out and be a part of the LCS drink-n-draw — you don’t even have to be a regular LCS member or have any affiliation with the group. You can always check out events calendar to see when and where the event will take place. Sometimes we mix it up and go to different places around town, but we consider Zanazabar our home base for this activity.

We try to send out a weekly email to those interested, as a reminder for the drink-n-draw and to confirm our location. If you would like to be added to this email list, be sure to submit your email address via the form on the home page or just send us a note from the contact page.

Check the events calendar for all upcoming events.