Meeting Recap and New Anthology Theme!

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Next Years Anthology
First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting last night. We have lots to update everyone on, but lets start with the big news first. The theme for next years LCS anthology will be…….


Some details

  • As usual, the book is open submission to all those in the Louisville area.
  • The book will be full color and standard comic size (we will put up a template page to use for formatting on the website).
  • The stories can be aimed at any reading level but content needs to be all ages (No explicit violence, language, sexuality etc)
  • Submissions can be up to 6 pages
  • Anyone is free to submit cover art. The group will vote on a front and back cover and the rest will be included in a pinup gallery inside the book.
  • December 1, 2015 – Story Concept/Outline due
  • January 15, 2016 – Script/Thumbnails due
  • March 1, 2016 – Final Pages due

Stay tuned for more details on how to submit closer to each deadline. We will also try to have a group meeting around the time of each deadline for people to workshop their stories.

LCS All Ages Art Jam
The other big news from last night’s meeting is the new LCS All Ages Art Jam. We’ve had lots of interest in the group lately from people who would love to hang out and draw and talk comics, but are not old enough to attend our weekly Drink and Draw at ZBar. For all of those people we are happy to announce the LCS All Ages Art Jam. The Art Jam will happen on the second Saturday of every month and is open to all ages and skill levels (children will need to have a guardian though). The first Art Jam will be Saturday, October 10th at 2:00pm at the Heine Brothers Coffee Shop on Dougless Loop. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Group Leadership
The last bit of news out of last night’s meeting is that Phil Back will be stepping down as leader of the group. Here’s a message from Phil.

“I have really enjoyed pushing the LCS forward over the past few years. But now it’s time for me to step to the side and rotate out of the leadership role. I’ll still be very active in the group, but Zach Allen will be taking the helm as leader. I’d like to thank those who have helped and supported the LCS, you know who you are :) We have some great projects coming up, and will be moving in some new directions. Artists Unite!”

The group thanks Phil for all his hard work and looks to continue it’s mission to promote cartooning in the Louisville under it’s new leader.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the meeting last night and we look forward to seeing everyone’s ideas for the new anthology!