LCS Update – Next steps for our fantasy anthology 2015 (Updated 2/28/15)

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NOTE: This was sent out as an email to all our subscribers 12/13/14

Fantasy Themed Anthology – Submissions Received

Hi everyone – First off, thanks to all who submitted stories for our next comic book.

About the Book
We had 32 story submissions — the most submissions we have ever received for a project. We need to figure out which stories will be the best fit for our book. For this book, we don’t want story subject matter to be too dark. We don’t want adult subject matter. We do want content for a teen audience and up. We want original characters and stories and not spoofs of other people’s work. Our core team is reviewing the submissions and preparing feedback for everyone who submitted. There were only a couple stories that we have concerns about and we will be contacting those people soon.

Next Step: Create a Sample Page
To help us figure out who is serious about their project and can meet deadlines, we need to see some finished page samples. If you have not contributed to one of our recent comic books (i.e. Little Tales, The Future, or Derby City Stories), we would like you to prepare a finished, full color art sample from your story. We want to see a true example of what your finished pages will look like.

Please prepare your art sample and email to by Saturday, January 3rd

We still need more artists. There are a number of writers who have submitted stories, but need artists to bring their vision to life. If you want to draw a story, be an inker, colorist or letterer, please email us!

All FINAL, full-color, high-res artwork (complete story) for the fantasy anthology needs to be emailed to by Sunday 2/22/2015.

We have posted file format and sizing requirements on
View the details here.

Publishing Our Book
We plan to do a kickstarter project in the spring to finance printing the book. We hope to cover all our costs, however as anyone who knows kickstarter is aware, not all projects get funded. For those contributing to our book, we would ask each of you to be prepared to purchase up to 10 copies for yourself, to keep or sell. You would get the books at our lowest cost allowing us to cover the printing expense if the kickstarter fails.

Submissions Received
Please let us know if you submitted a story but are NOT on this list.

Names and Roles (Updated: 2/28/15):

  • Alex O’Keefe (all) – Approved!
  • Brian Rodman (all) – Approved!
  • Bruce Thomas (writer/artist) & Brooke Hernando (colors) – Approved!
  • Damion Waldbrunn (all) – Approved!
  • Dana Amundsen (all) – Approved!
  • Gina Uccellini (all) – Approved!
  • Jen Hamlin (story) & Kristie Semel (art) – Approved!
  • Jim Haas (all) – Approved!
  • Josh Hoeppner (“Grey Skull” – writer) & Keith Akers (artist) & Jeremy Mathes (artist) – Approved!
  • Kevin Richardson (“Amazons” – pin-up) – Approved.
  • Lance Childers (all) – Approved!
  • Lyle Coleman (writer) & John Sowder (artist) – Approved!
  • Michael Layman (“The Way of the Hammersong” – all) – Approved!
  • Nate Jones – Approved!
  • Rene Blansette (all) – Approved!
  • Robert Cook (pencils) & Samal McNealy (inks) – Approved!
  • Ron King (all) – Approved!
  • Steven Bowman (all) – Approved!
  • Steven Bowman (“The Magic” – story), Phil Back (pencils), Zach Allen (inks) – Approved!
  • Zach Allen & Lori (all) – Approved!





Phil Back