Inktober was fun!

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We had a lot of activity in October! Inktober inspired a lot of people to produce an inked drawing each day and post it online. Our group had the little art show happening at the Oldham County Library and some of us even had pieces in the annual Halloween group show at Ultra Pop. We also had the largest LCS meeting we’ve had in years. It’s been a great month!

Here were sketch topics we posted throughout the month to help inspire folks.

#inktober LCS Sketch Topics (if you need one):

day 26: lemme take a selfie

day 22: Rock-N-Roll

day 21: …
day 20: World War II
day 19: Zombies!
… (still drawing, skipped a few topics!)

day 11: Design a Sith!
day 10: …
day 9: …
day 8: Gorilla Gangstas
day 7: Tim Burton Movie Characters
day 6: Adventure Time!
day 5: (forgot to post a topic!)
day 4: Batman
day 3: Day of the Dead
day 2: Gender Swap Superheroes!
day 1: n/a


Here’s a recap of our art show and the Mini-Maker Faire we were in:

~~ Art Show at Oldham County Library (LaGrange, KY) ~~

We have art on display at the library in their media room. If you are in the area, check out the show! Features art by Phil, Bruce, Steven, Samal, Rene, & Kevin.

NuLu Fest / Mini-Maker Faire this past Saturday was so fun! We met lots of cool people and had a blast. HUGE thanks to our friends who came out to work the table and keep the LCS *ALIVE*: Rene Blansette , Kevin Richardson, Damon Westenhofer, Theresa Hawkins, Lisa and Trev!