Now Accepting Submissions for Our Next Anthology: Children’s Stories

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Hi everyone – It’s time to start putting together the next LCS anthology. If you would like to submit a story for our next printed comic book anthology, read on!

Anthology Theme:
Children’s Stories. We want this to be an All-Ages, E-for-Everyone, G-Rated book.

A perfect bound, printed, standard-sized comic book. The more great submissions we get, the more pages we will fill! Full-color… we haven’t done a color anthology yet, so this will be new for us. Stories should be 2-4 pages of your own original story and content (UPDATE: we originally opened up for 6- page stories  — and will still take them, but due to the high cost of printing, we have backed down to a 4-page max). 1-page pin-ups will be accepted, but stories will take precedence.


Who Can Submit:

We welcome submissions from creators in Southern Indiana, Louisville, KY and surrounding communities.

We encourage collaboration! If you have a great story but need an artist, let the group know and maybe we can help coordinate some great team-ups. Our Facebook group would be a great place to start to make some connections. Rather do it all yourself? Go for it.


Friday, April 5th, 2013: All stories must be received by this time. Please allow time for problems and fixes! If you submit after this date, we can not guarantee you will be included in the book.

How to Submit:

You will need to submit a digital file of each of your pages, colored, retouched and ready for print. These files tend to be large, so either deliver your files on a disc or email them to: []. The LCS gmail account can receive file sizes up to 25MB. Please zip your files if possible.

Once you have emailed your story artwork files OR even if you just want to let us know you have a submission in the works, please complete the Artist Info Form.

Submission Guidelines:

– You should submit 300dpi files. You can send flattened Photoshop files (.psd) or .TIF files (LZW compression preferred)

– Digital document size should be 6.875″ wide x 10.375″ tall at 300dpi, with .25″ allowed for bleed and trim — so make sure nothing important falls within a quarter inch (or more, to be safe) of the document’s edge.
– Final color mode should be CMYK (Recommended: Scan or work in RGB then convert to CMYK at the end)

– Please use this email subject line when you submit: “Children’s Anthology 2013 – YourNameHere – Page 1 of 4”

– Please include your name and the page number in your file names, like: children_anthology_john_smith_pg_1_of_4.tif

– If you have questions, just let me know: Phil Back, 1backspin  [at] gmail  dot  com

Printing Costs:

The LCS will be paying for some of the printing costs, thanks to our successful Kickstarter project, and creators will be asked to buy some books at a reduced price to offset the rest of the printing costs.


– File submissions that don’t fit the above description will be returned.

– All submissions will be subject to review by the LCS editorial staff.

– Don’t submit files that still have the “non-photo” blue guidelines… or even light grey remnants of the guidelines. If you unsure how to properly remove the blue guides, consider using paper without pre-printed guidelines.