Official LCS Contest! Name our Editor’s/Letters Page

Posted by on Feb 26, 2012 in LCS News | No Comments

We’ve thrown together a little contest. Here are the details from our facebook group:
**** Official LCS Contest! ****

Name our editor’s/letters page…
We need a clever title for the page of our books that will include notes from the group, LCS news, comments from Ted and others. You’ve probably seen this sort of thing in the back of your favorite mainstream comics (example: “DC Comics All Access”). If we come up with something cool, the idea is that we would include this page in all of our LCS anthologies and books (if it fits and makes sense). WIN PRIZES: We will offer some artwork from the group and a mystery grab bag of comic book goodness, that will include posters, sketch cards and other comic-related keepsakes. Contest is open to anyone and deadline for entries is Friday, 3/2.

List your entries in the comments on the facebook group!