The LCS Teen Comic Spotlight!

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The Louisville Cartoonist Society exists to help local artists and cartoonists develop their work, connect with other artists, and find venues to share their comics.

We know that there are hundreds of talented teens in this city, we’ve met a bunch of you and seen your work. A lot of you are making very cool stuff.

We are published in the LEO Weekly, with a circulation of 80,000 people, and we want to share that spotlight with YOU.

The LCS Teen Comics Spotlight!

We’re taking comic submissions from people 12-17 all over the city! One artist will be featured in the LEO Weekly and all runners-up will be Spotlighted on The Louisville Cartoonist Society’s Webpage!

Here’s the info:

What: An original, 4 by 9 inch comic featuring your own characters and art. Can be funny, scary, serious, however weird you want, but it can’t be part of a bigger story. No ‘too be continued..’. Color or Black and White. This is a one time reproduction-right. You will retain control and ownership of your work.

When: Due December 1st, 2011.

How: All submissions can be emailed as a 300 dpi, 4 by 9 inch JPEG file to: Subject: LCS TEEN COMIC

Show your Art to the World! Get Published! Make Comics!

I can’t wait to see what you can do.

Ted Nathanson
Louisville Cartoonist Society

for more info or with questions email: