LCS Update! Summer Recap and Looking Ahead

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Whew- what a summer! Quick recaps:

First off Derby City Comic Con totally ruled. There was a ton of energy and excitement and it felt like a local comics prom. If you missed it this year, because you were getting married or something( congrats Carrie and Darcy!), then you’re in luck because I hear next year’s will be even better. Thanks to everyone who participated in making that such a successful day. LCS members connected with local readers, other artists, and participated in a few panels.

Speaking of Comics Panels ( heh!), Steven Bowman, Kevlen Goodner, Kyle Hutchings, and myself were hosted by the UofL’s McConnell Center for their Young Leaders conference last month. The topic was representations of Heroism in media, and we spoke for over an hour on the shifting depictions of the heroic ideal in comics. Man it was fun and the students attending the conference could not have been a more prepared, curious, and engaging audience. Very cool.

Congrats to Rene Blansette, Matt Edmonson, Brooke Hernando and everyone would had their work up last month at Tim Faulkner gallery on Market! Great show in a very nice space- probably the most comics friendly gallery in the city.

Comic news just won’t stop: this Monday’s C-J has an article on local collector Dick Wilson’s recent donation of over 2000 golden- silver age comics- including a bunch of Don Rosa Uncle Scrooges’ to UofL. This awesome gift will be the cornerstone of a permanent collection, and will be on display for a few months!

LCS members still have art up at the Main Branch of the Library! Now through the end of the month if you haven’t checked it out yet!

Which reminds me:
Here’s the big important news:

This Friday August 12th the main Branch of the Louisville Library- on York street- is having their Animecon! A reasonably huge event for anime/manga fans! Several LCS members will be there teaching seminars throughout the day, and if you’d like to be involved, here’s how you can:
From 1-3 we have an opportunity to have art on display and talk to young fans about their work. Just sitting at tables, con style. I could really use a few people on this, and especially if you happen to have a ‘manga-ness’ to your work. You just need to let me know, and be able to show your work and look at someone else’s, offering maybe some pointers or encouragement. This stuff is not as hard as you might think ,and a lot of fun, and what are you doing making comics if you’re scared to show them to comics fans, anyway? Let me know- we could use some folks!

Next meeting at the Rocketship Studio: August 31st at 7:30. Agenda: first and foremost to pass work around and see what members are up to. Come prepared to talk and share work and ideas. Now that we have a bunch of members, we may need to break into smaller groups to look at stuff. We’ll see.
All summer I’ve been working on one event after the other and I’d like to get back to what we do: sharing our art.
We do need to discuss a few things:
There will be a Membership Fee of probably 25 dollars annually, instituted soon. Why? To pay for stuff like getting nice silk-screened shirts done, printing books, to pay for buttons/ back drop/ etc for cons and art fairs, to put a drop in the rent of the studio, to pay for tables at those cons and art fairs, and so forth. I’ve been paying for a lot of this stuff myself over the last few years, and selling books to put a little money in the LCS coffers, but we could use some bucks. I’ve avoided it because I don’t want to take people’s money and not offer em anything, but I’m hearing support for this idea from you guys, so there it is.
Only paid members will be allowed to participate in art fairs/con, publishing in the LEO/ and any future anthologies, and other press opportunities.
Let me remind you: getting a comic in the LEO pays 25 BUCKS, which – hey that’s exactly how much it costs to be in the LCS! So yeah you can get published and pay your membership fee all in one swoop!

also the bi-monthly artist led anthology deadlines are coming up this December and January! More info at the meeting!

Job Notice!

Local Designer and LCS ally Danny Cash is looking for a cartoonist with a good sense of anatomy and inking to draw some hands for an upcoming project. Any interested parties can send samples of their work and contact info to

See you guys at ZBAR tonight!