LCS at the Young Leaders Conference!

Posted by on Aug 21, 2011 in LCS News | No Comments

The Louisville Cartoonist Society was happy to participate in this year’s Young Leader Conference at the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center. This year’s topic was on the idea of Heroes and Villains, through the lens of media and entertainment.

Ted Nathanson, Steven Bowman, Kevlen Goodner, and Kyle Hutchings were on hand for a panel discussion on the hero throughout the history of comics.

Many different areas were hit upon, as the discussion spilled over our allotted hour and the audience got involved in the q& a session. We discussed the superhero as an empowered stand-in for the average reader, the hero as reflection of their times, and the morality of vigilante justice, among other things, We could have talked for hours with such a motherlode of a topic.

Many thanks to the McConnell Center for being such terrific hosts, and to the students of the conference, who really impressed us with their intellect and passion.