LCS Artist Profile: Zach Allen

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1.  When did you first start reading comics?

I had read random comics when I was young, but the first time I remember getting really into them was in middle school when I got some of the Calvin and Hobbs collections.  I had a teacher that had a few of the Sunday ones hanging on his wall and I thought they were really awesome and wanted to read more.  That was about the same time that I started reading some of the web comics like penny arcade and warp nine to hell.

2.  What are your favorite comic books?

If I had to give a short list it would probably be, in no particular order, Asterios Polyp, The Dark Knight Returns, Blankets, Maus, Calvin and Hobbs, The Escapists, Scott Pilgrim, Chew, Ex Machina, Ghostworld, Jimmy Corrigan, Hellboy, Watchman (I felt obligated), and any of the old Eisner Stuff.  Some of the web stuff I really like would be the Perry Bible Fellowship, Penny Arcade (again, obligated), North World, Dead Winter, A Softer World, Dresden Codak, anything by Emily Carroll, Hark a Vagrant, all of the Riceboy stuff, Questionable Content, Tiny Kitten Teeth, and Space Trawler.

That was defiantly not a short list but I didn’t want to cut anything.

3.  What tools of the trade do you use?

I do a lot of work on my tablet using a program called artrage.  When I’m working in real media I love using brushes.

4.  Any beginning artist tips?

Draw a lot, and be conscious about the shapes everything is made of more than the little details at first.

5.  What was the biggest professional influence on your work?

I really look up to Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade.  He does a great job of pushing his forms and his line weights and the art always serves the joke first and foremost.

6.  Any advice for a young artist that you wish someone had told you?

Draw more

7.  Why did you become a comic book artist?

I wouldn’t call myself a comic book artist, but I would like to be one someday and that is because I like telling stories, and I feel like art in general is the closest you can ever get to seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, which is pretty cool.

8.  What inspires you most?

Other people’s work can be really inspiring.  Also pretty girls.

9.  Who is your favorite comic character to draw?

Batman’s pretty good because he has such an identifiable silhouette.

10.  What have you done to get your work noticed?

Not enough, I’ve got a website ( but I’ve been waiting to really push it until I’m happier with my stuff, and am able to post more regularly.  I feel like if it’s good enough though, people will find it.

11.  How often do you draw?

I used to be really sporadic, but lately I’ve been keeping a tiny sketchbook on me and I try to put at least something in there every day, though that doesn’t always happen.

12.  What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to get to where I can, keep up with weekly comics on my site, as well as work on some longer form stuff on the side.  I have a few ideas for some one-shot comics I’d like to make before moving on to something longer.


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