Fandom-Fright Night Fest, DCCC recap, LEO submissions

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So the Derby City Con was awesome thanks to everyone who worked the table, worked other tables, or just plain showed up. It was a success on all fronts and we’ll see you there again next year!
I’d spend more time on recap, but we’re moving forward!

This weekend we have space at the Fandom/Fright Night fest  at the Fern Valley Hotel ( 2715 Fern Valley Road) and we want to make the most of it. This is normally a horror/scifi/film con and they’re spreading out to comics this year. Our table is smaller and we don’t need/can’t fit as many people at the table.
We’re still happy to sell 11×17 prints or books-  just let me know and bring things to Drinkndraw on wednesday. The show runs this Friday Sat and Sunday
Folks who are interested in working the event- I’m awaiting confirmation on the number of folks we can have at the table/ how many passes we’ll be getting. Please let me know if you’re interested in working the show. I assume I’ll be there for at least setup/take down all three days, and will schedule folks accordingly, depending on who I hear from and what we’re able to do. If you want to participate, please let me know which days you can be available for.

I am still taking submissions for the LEO! By now you know the drill- 4by9 inches (or 9by4) 300 dpi b/w or color jpegs. To be published in the LEO. No ‘to be continued’-s please. it pays enough to take yourself to a nice meal, or two people to a pretty good meal.

Animecon is August 12th@ the Main Library! The LCS will be putting on some seminars in the computer lab and some drawing sessions, as well as  -hopefully- having work out and looking at student work. I’ve spoken to a few of you about this but if you’re interested please let me know. I’m working this, but I’d like to get artists who really know and care about anime ( which, sadly, does not include me)  in front of these kids. I can talk about comics for days, but I am sorely undereducated about ‘the manga’.

What else, what else? I hope everyone is out there drawing and keeping in touch. We’ll have another meeting soon- right now I’m concentrating on these events. In the meantime please visit Zbar on Wednesdays for Drink and Draw. Remember you nondrinkers- they have cokes and food too. We should really call those things Draw and Talk, cause that’s mostly what happens. Anyway you’re all welcome to join us. Look for Phil’s emails!
Oh and of course- the LCS webpage is up and running. Major thanks to Phil Back for spearheading that project and making it shine. Check it out here and bookmark it, tell your friends, shout it from rooftops:

Keep Drawing!