LCS Update 6/17/11

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Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the show at the library on Wednesday- it was a lot of fun! And the show will be up all summer at the Main Branch so you should swing by and check it out if you haven’t already!

Job Offers! This stuff pays!

Spot 5 – the art studios & art shop on Frankfort Ave- has a comic class for kids that needs a teacher. The week of July 11-15, in the afternoon. Joe Welsh taught this class last year and says it a hoot. If interested contact Laurie Blayney @ or 594-1483.

Wedding Comic- Nikki Raymer ( ) is looking for a comic artist to produce a 4 page b/w comic for her wedding. It would need to be finished by August or early September. Contact her for more info and to work out pricing.

LEO strip: 4×9 inches or vice versa. color or b/w. 300 dpi jpegs. I’m submitting another batch to the LEO next week, so get ’em in.

Other News:

Next meeting: June 29th at the Rocketship Studio 770 Eastern Parkway.

If you have t-shirt acetates, I need them by this Wednesday. I’ll be at Prestons on Monday teaching a class, and I’ll be at DnD this Wednesday, or contact me to arrange a pick up.
Who’s got books/ Art for Derby City? let me know – if your plan is to cruise by the table and drop it off at the last minute, that’s a bad plan. I don’t need the books now, just the heads up that you’re planning something.