LCS Update 6/13/11

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Hey guys! Hope everyone is well, enjoying this excellent weather and getting some drawing in. I’ve got a couple of updates and reminders:

This Wednesday the 15th at 6-7:30 !!

The Main Branch of the Louisville Free public Library is opening their LCS show featuring the work of Bruce Thomas, Steve Bowman, Jeff Mazurek, Tobin Fields, Zach Allen, and Ted Nathanson! The reception is between 6-7:30 at the Teen Center downstairs at the Main Branch. We’ll have cookies and punch or soda or something. Please come on your way to your regularly scheduled Drink and Draw.

The LCS LEO page is a hungry beast that must be fed new comics regularly or else it starts eating people

I’d like to send out a new batch of LEO comics by the end of this week! As always the stats: 4″by 9″ or vice versa, color or BW, as self contained as possible. If you have something to contribute please let me know!


The next LCS meeting is most likely going to be the 29th. If you have a chunk of acetate to be burned into the screen for the next shirt, I can get it from you this Wednesday or later in the week. I am not actually at Prestons right now ( summer I just teach) so we can arrange to pick it up some other way. Zach- I still have your acetate…

Derby City Stuff:

The following people are signed up for these two shifts at the Derby City con, July 16th. I’ll be there all day, we have room for four people, and I figure we can switch out as needed. If you’re working the table: bring stuff to draw, be open and conversational- we want to have people coming around. Are big goals are to sell member books and connect with other creators and local fans.
Derby City Table minders:

1st Shift 9:30-1:30
AJ Reinhart
Brooke Hernando
Joe Welsh
Kevlen Goodner

2nd Shift 1:30-5:30
Tobin Fields
Zach Allen
Bruce Thomas
Phil Back
I’ll need to duck out a little early- in order to attend Carrie Neumayer’s awesome wedding!- so I’ll coordinate with the afternoon crew to handle taking down the LCS stuff.

If you have books to sell please let me know. I’m working on a list, and the more we’ve got on our table the better. As far as printing your 11×17 prints: your guess is as good as mine- I think the thing to do is put one of them on the table, priced and signed by the artist, and then have the extra copies off table. If you have those crystal clear poly bags they really dress up a print.

That’s all I got for right now.
Thanks guys!