LCS Update 5/23/11

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So I just got back in town- I had a great trip but apparently there are no comic shops in downtown New Orleans so I missed new comic day. I also missed some flap about facebook, but we’ll get into that later.

First order of business: The Next meeting. originally scheduled for this Wednesday the 25th, is POSTPONED ONE WEEK TO JUNE 1ST at 7:30 in the LCS HQ-770 Eastern Parkway. Because I’m worn out from travel, have like 6 meetings this week and I’m teaching comics to 130 4th and 5th graders all week, I decided it can wait a week.
What will we be doing?

Discussing summer schedule stuff- like the Derby City Comic con, the Fandomfest, etc.

  • Sharing new work and getting feedback like always
  • Bringing in any new comics/ old comics that you feel like people could get something out of- please keep doing this, this is how I heard about Blacksad, which now I can’t see how I lived without.
  • Doing some collabo drawing-
  • and here’s the idea: several people have asked me about silk screening, so I propose this: lets collaborate on a print for the next LCS shirt/poster. At the next meeting we can all draw a character on one piece of acetate, then the next meeting folks can bring in their own shirts and we’ll run some prints. I’ll be happy to go through the process, and talk interested people through the silk screen mysteries. Silk Screen is pretty easy, can be done relatively cheaply, and is a good way for artists to get in front of making their own swag- always a good idea.
  • The world runs on merchandise. Just ask George Lucas.

Other good news- I finally have a date for the LCS show at the library- it should be up next week to coincide with summer reading and run throughout this summer at the Main Branch. Whew! Only 3 months later than they said.
It was great to see Steve Bowman and Jenevieve Broomall representing at the Great Escape for new comic day- Steve’s Rooftops series is terrific, and inspiring- those books look great, and keep coming out. Awesome guys!

There’s a ton of stuff going on in Louisville right now as we cruise into this summer and the first Derby City Con. Thanks to you guys, Louisville has a comics scene. I love seeing the weekly sketches on Facebook, and the drink and draws are always fun too.

The work I’ve been getting from you guys for the LCS Spotlight in the LEO has been terrific, and varied- anyone who saw the back-to-back shot of Phil and Troy’s comic and then Jonathan’s will know what I’m talking about. Those two represent what the LCS is all about- variety, diversity, and beautiful comics reaching an audience. Let’s keep up submissions! Remember this pays! I went and got an LCS checking account. Our new checks have a karate dude on them, but don’t take my word for it. Get a comic published and I’ll give you one.