LCS Update 3/29/11

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I hope you’re all well. Here’s the news.

The Future is Coming!( just wait) So far I have two entries for the next anthology based on The Future. Neither of those are mine, because like the rest of you, I’ve been busy making and doing other stuff. I’d like to put out another LCS anthology this year, so please let me know if you are working on/plan on working on something for this one. Remember: you can’t escape the Future.

The LCS presents page in the LEO is up and running. This is a terrific opportunity to make a few bucks and have your comics reach the LEO’s audience of 80,000 folks here locally. Color or Black and White, 9″by 4″ or 4″by 9″ self contained comic email it to me as a jpeg at 300 dpi resolution and I’ll send it in with the next submission.

The Drink and Draw sessions at Zbar and elsewhere are a rip-roaring good time. If you’re free on Wednesdays, look for the emails and join the gang.

Next Meeting: April 6 7:30 770 Eastern Parkway ( No longer the 30th! schedule conflicts!) top floor end of the hall. Bring current art/interests. We’ll do some pass and draw and talk about upcoming stuff.

Been a minute since you’ve been to meeting? Never Been? Then you’re double welcome to attend a meeting. We look at each other’s new work, share artists/books we like, do some drawing, and bask in the warm glow of comic-based fellowship.

Also don’t forget: this summer’s Derby City Comic Con and FandomFest, Jay Leisten has an art show coming in April, LCS has a show coming up at the Library…
There’s a bunch going on and you’re all invited. Let me hear from you.