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Western Anthology Submission Guidelines

Another year another anthology!  In case you haven’t heard, this year’s theme is Westerns.  Here’s a quick list of guidelines for anyone interested in submitting. The theme of our next anthology is Westerns.  Feel free to branch out and give your own interpretation, but all stories must be related to the theme in some way. All Submissions are […]

Legends Anthology Submission Guidlines

Let’s get 2017 started right!  A new year means a new LCS anthology, and this year’s theme is Legends.  Here’s a quick list of guidelines for anyone interested in submitting. The theme of our next anthology is Legends.  All stories must be related to the theme in some way. All Submissions are due on March […]

Space Anthology Submission Guidelines

                      For everyone planning to submit to our next comic anthology, here is a helpful list of all our guidelines to aid you on your way. The theme of our next anthology is SPACE.  All stories must include space as you interpret it. All Submissions […]

Meeting Recap and New Anthology Theme!

Next Years Anthology First off, thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting last night. We have lots to update everyone on, but lets start with the big news first. The theme for next years LCS anthology will be……. Space! Some details As usual, the book is open submission to all those in the […]

Tall Tales & Little Lies – A Fantasy Comic Book Anthology

Please check out our project! Here’s the link: http://kck.st/1yvRGqK

Tall Tales & Little Lies – A Fantasy-Themed Comic Book Anthology on KICKSTARTER Today!

We’re launching our kickstarter project to fund the printing of our next comic book anthology. We will post all the details here as soon as the project launches. UPDATE: Our Kickstarter project is now live!  

Tall Tales & Little Lies – A Fantasy-Themed Comic Book Anthology

Our group voted on a title for our upcoming comic book anthology project, “Tall Tales & Little Lies”. We are putting our kickstarter project together now and have plans to launch it by the end of this month. For now, here’s a little preview of the wacky intro to our kickstarter video… Are we taking […]

LCS Update – Next steps for our fantasy anthology 2015 (Updated 2/28/15)

NOTE: This was sent out as an email to all our subscribers 12/13/14 Fantasy Themed Anthology – Submissions Received Hi everyone – First off, thanks to all who submitted stories for our next comic book. About the Book We had 32 story submissions — the most submissions we have ever received for a project. We need […]

2015 Fantasy Anthology Submission Requirements

We will be using the comic page template from Ka-Blam, as shown below. All files must be emailed to lcscomics@gmail.com 300dpi, CMYK full color pages The final page size is 6.75″ x 10.25″, the file size with bleed needs to be 7″ x 10.5″ .TIF file format (LZW compression is preferred) Make sure your final […]

Deadline to submit a story for our 2015 Fantasy comic book anthology is TONIGHT!

Submissions keep rolling in! This is by far our most popular comic book project yet, so don’t miss it! Once all submissions are collected, I’ll be reaching out to everyone for the next step in the process: lining up the creative teams and getting some art samples underway. But don’t worry – we still have […]

4th Annual LCS Art Exchange

Each year around this time we do a Secret-Santa-style art swap among members of our group. We are ready to get it started once again this year! Here’s how it works:   Open to Louisville Cartoonist Society members and active participants. Have you ever been to a meeting, worked our booth at a show or attended […]

Inktober was fun!

We had a lot of activity in October! Inktober inspired a lot of people to produce an inked drawing each day and post it online. Our group had the little art show happening at the Oldham County Library and some of us even had pieces in the annual Halloween group show at Ultra Pop. We […]

October meeting recap

Since we had not gotten together for an official meeting since Derby City Comic Con, it was time to get together. This time we met up at the BBC in St. Matthews (Louisville). Here’s the summarized recap: Record turnout tonight! Attendance: Phil B. Bruce T. Steve B. Zach A. Lance C. Jen H. Alex O. […]

Derby City Comic Con was great!

Derby City Comic Con was a blast for the LCS! Our latest comic book compilation, “Derby City Stories” was a big hit. You can find it in a few local shops this week: Ultra Pop! and The Destination: A Collectibles Etc. Location for starters, with other shops being stocked as soon as we can get them there. Thank you to […]

Our Next Anthology Theme (for 2014) : Louisville

Hi everyone – It’s time to start putting together the next LCS anthology. We set up a ballot box at Derby City Comic-con and let the people vote! “Louisville” was the most popular choice, so that’s what we are going with. If you would like to submit a story to be included in this printed […]

Derby City Comic Con Is Here!

Join us at the downtown convention center in Louisville for the Derby City Comic Con TODAY (Saturday, June 29th)! The LCS will be there, set up with 3 long tables along the left wall as you enter the hall. We will be debuting our “Little Tales” comic book anthology, doing sketches, and selling various books, […]

Now Accepting Submissions for Our Next Anthology: Children’s Stories

Hi everyone – It’s time to start putting together the next LCS anthology. If you would like to submit a story for our next printed comic book anthology, read on! Anthology Theme: Children’s Stories. We want this to be an All-Ages, E-for-Everyone, G-Rated book. Format: A perfect bound, printed, standard-sized comic book. The more great […]

Ted and Steven Featured in Louisville’s Paper Publication

Here’s an excerpt, hit the link at the bottom to read the rest “The Louisville Cartoonist Society was founded in 2009 by local artist Ted Nathanson, with hopes it would bring together like-minded creators focusing on comic books and the communal promotion of their work. Over the last three years, the organization has gained a […]

Death Comes to Bed

A strange turn of events! What will happen next? Stay tuned for more updates! Start over.  


Stay tuned for more updates! Start over…

Ted’s Gallery Show in Frankfort, KY

The pieces in this show are parts of a whole. Individually, they could be described as figurative illustrations finished in ink and marker on 11”x17” Bristol paper. Some of them are better designed than others, some feature more interesting moments, but all contribute to the one truly finished piece in this show. That finished piece […]

Derby City Comic Con Sketches!

Here are all the sketches we did (at least all that I could snap pictures of!) at DCCC and at our previous meeting for all our kickstarter backers. Check out the sketches in our gallery!

Kickstarter Project Backers – “The Future” Comic Book Anthology

The Phone Rings…

Death Opens the Door

The story continues! What will YOU wish for? Gruel!


LCS Kickstarter Project – FUNDED!

Well, we made it. Our kickstarter.com project was funded at over 100% and we are ecstatic! We are so happy and fortunate to have such a great community of friends, fans and families who believe in us enough to support this endeavor. Thank you to those to contributed. Now the real work begins. We are […]

LCS Kickstarter project for the FUTURE anthology book has begun!

We have launched off our first Kickstarter project to raise money to print and promote the LCS Anthology, “The Future”. Here’s the link with all the info, check out the cool reward levels — there’s something for everyone! For those who don’t know, Kickstarter is a web site that helps people fund projects through the […]

Fifteen Minutes!?

The story continues… what happens next? Our hero gets fed up… And Death opens the door… Death comes to bed…  

“You’re the best at what you do”

The Story Begins…

How does the story continue? YOU decide! Choose your destiny: A dark visitor with a curious request Your mission, if you choose to accept it… Wait a sec! What do I hear…?  

LCS Contest Winner: Thought Bubbles!

We now have a winner in contest for naming our LCS letters page. The winner is Damon Westenhofer with his entry, “Thought Bubbles”. Look for it in the back of future anthologies and comics from the LCS.

Official LCS Contest! Name our Editor’s/Letters Page

We’ve thrown together a little contest. Here are the details from our facebook group: **** Official LCS Contest! **** Name our editor’s/letters page… We need a clever title for the page of our books that will include notes from the group, LCS news, comments from Ted and others. You’ve probably seen this sort of thing […]

LCS Anthology: “The Future” getting ready for the printer

We are currently putting the final touches on our next future-themed anthology book. The book will feature futuristic stories and sci-fi themes from 9 or 10 artists, writers and comic book creators from the Louisville area. The anthology will feature a full-color cover by up-and-coming superstar illustrator, Alex Wilson. Check his tumblr blog to catch […]

The LCS Teen Comic Spotlight!

ANNOUNCING…. The Louisville Cartoonist Society exists to help local artists and cartoonists develop their work, connect with other artists, and find venues to share their comics. We know that there are hundreds of talented teens in this city, we’ve met a bunch of you and seen your work. A lot of you are making very […]

LCS at the Young Leaders Conference!

The Louisville Cartoonist Society was happy to participate in this year’s Young Leader Conference at the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center. This year’s topic was on the idea of Heroes and Villains, through the lens of media and entertainment. Ted Nathanson, Steven Bowman, Kevlen Goodner, and Kyle Hutchings were on hand for a panel discussion […]

LCS Artist Profile: Alex Wilson

1. When did you first start reading comics? I have been around comics for as long as I can remember. My older brothers had huge comic book collections well before I could read so I always had plenty to look at. 2. What are your favorite comic books? I have always been a big X-men […]

LCS Update! Summer Recap and Looking Ahead

Cartoonists! Whew- what a summer! Quick recaps: First off Derby City Comic Con totally ruled. There was a ton of energy and excitement and it felt like a local comics prom. If you missed it this year, because you were getting married or something( congrats Carrie and Darcy!), then you’re in luck because I hear […]

New Art Added: LCS in the LEO and Art of Stephen Johnson

Check out the newest art added to our gallery section. We have a new collection of images created by long-time-LCSer, Stephen Johnson. Stephen has a knack for cool-n-quirky characters and bold line work. We also have a bunch of LEO comic strips added to the LCS in the LEO gallery.

Fandom-Fright Night Fest, DCCC recap, LEO submissions

Cartoonists! So the Derby City Con was awesome thanks to everyone who worked the table, worked other tables, or just plain showed up. It was a success on all fronts and we’ll see you there again next year! I’d spend more time on recap, but we’re moving forward! This weekend we have space at the […]

LCS Appearances at the Derby City Comic Con

Wow – the Derby City Comic Con is already here! The show is on this Saturday, from 10am to 5pm. There will be tons of great artists and comic book/pop culture creators there. The LCS will be there in full force. Here’s our list of times and appearances: Ted Nathanson and Joe Welsh AM Shift: […]

LCS Artist Profile: Zach Allen

1.  When did you first start reading comics? I had read random comics when I was young, but the first time I remember getting really into them was in middle school when I got some of the Calvin and Hobbs collections.  I had a teacher that had a few of the Sunday ones hanging on […]

LCS Artist Profile: Jenevieve Broomall

1.  When did you first start reading comics? I started when I was a teenager.  My cousin collected them and I read comics like Gen 13, Catwoman, Wildcats, and so on.  I enjoyed them all but when I got into college I get heavy into ElfQuest.  It has a great storyline, memorable characters that evolved […]

Web Site update…

Still getting some of the bugs worked out on the web site. Some images are not appearing yet, and a few pages are missing… will be working on fixes this evening.

We are LIVE!

The site is finally live! It’s taken quite awhile to get it to this point, mainly due to everything going on in real life: work, family, paid gigs, etc. But finally, here it is. There are some areas of the site that still need a little work, but I figured we are 95% there, so […]

about the next meeting…

Due to unforseen circumstances- like I have to be out of town- we’re gonna just postpone that sucker a week. So- next LCS meeting- Wednesday July 6 at 7:30 in the Rocketship Studio- 770 Eastern Parkway Top Floor end of the Hall. Itinerary will include: looking at drawings and preparing for Derby City & FandomFest. […]

LCS Update 6/17/11

Cartoonists! Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the show at the library on Wednesday- it was a lot of fun! And the show will be up all summer at the Main Branch so you should swing by and check it out if you haven’t already! Job Offers! This stuff pays! Spot 5 – the […]

LCS Update 3/29/11

Cartoonists! I hope you’re all well. Here’s the news. The Future is Coming!( just wait) So far I have two entries for the next anthology based on The Future. Neither of those are mine, because like the rest of you, I’ve been busy making and doing other stuff. I’d like to put out another LCS […]

LCS Update 5/4/11

Cartoonists! Hope all is well, everyone is having a pleasant and not-too-damp Spring, and I hope those of us who care about the Derby are getting pumped. Remember to take a loved one by your local comics shop and celebrate the magic that is Free Comic Day this Saturday. News and Notes! Thanks to Zach […]

LCS Update 5/23/11

Cartoonists! So I just got back in town- I had a great trip but apparently there are no comic shops in downtown New Orleans so I missed new comic day. I also missed some flap about facebook, but we’ll get into that later. First order of business: The Next meeting. originally scheduled for this Wednesday […]